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B612 is a well-known camera software designed specifically for selfies. This awesome app’s Android edition is entertaining and easy to use, with a variety of filters and formatting choices. It also has an iOS version in addition to Android. Line, Japan’s messaging service, created this unique camera app.


B612 new APK 10.1.7 (31100107) is a camera app designed specifically for selfies. This application is available on a variety of platforms. This app’s main goal is to create the most stunning and impressive selfies possible while excluding any elements that are considered unnecessary. This software mostly makes use of the front camera to capture selfies. It has 43 filters that can be added to any frame, as well as an auto soft-focus feature that highlights the user’s face when taking pictures. Users will also use the collage tool to combine multiple images into a single frame without needing to import a separate college program.

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera File Basic Information

Last updated: April 18, 2021
Developer: SNOW, Inc.
Version: 10.1.7 (31100107)
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
File size: 136 MB
Uploaded: April 18, 2021 at 11:33AM GMT+07
MD5: cd19701a9434e89834111d30caaa8036
SHA1: 6171fc8e3fa907949ced36d7cdde95f5a96c93e3
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play


How To Use The B612 App

Once you’ve activated the software, you can use it to take selfies right away. To take photographs, simply tap the phone. After that, the images will be saved automatically. Tap on the three-circles symbol on the right side of the screen to choose filters. You’ll be able to see a variety of filter options. Simply swipe right or left to see more filters and choose the one you want best.

To use the collage tool, tap the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and select a template. After that, take a shot as usual, and a collage of your photos will appear automatically. You may change the order of the pictures in the collage and apply different filters to each one. When you’re done, press the save icon on the right side of your screen to save your work.

How To Click And Save Snaps On B612

B612 uses the smartphone’s front camera as a selfie camera. Then, with only one fingertip, you can take selfies by clicking anywhere on the phone. As soon as the B612 app is released, it allows access to the front camera. It creates a simple approach and eliminates all needless ambiguity. Once you’ve taken a photo, don’t hesitate to save it manually by clicking the save button on the far right side of the bottom. This software does not save photos automatically. As a result, you can take several photos and save only the best. Furthermore, the shuttle makes no noise as it closes. As a result, unwind and take selfies without concern for your surroundings.

Stickers Adding Extra Fun With B612

Aside from makeup effects and a variety of filters, B612 provides stickers to lend the voice and the whole method a new dimension. As a result, when you’re taking pictures of your friends in landscape mode, you’ll be able to see them clearly. You can also apply sounds to a short video when filming it. So, the next time you’re filming a film, add a sound of a funny robot or a creepy ghost.


Innumerable Filters, Just For You

When it comes to images, people like being inventive. Selfies are fun, and if they’re enhanced with any wild filters, they’ll be even more so. B612 offers a total of 43 filters, ranging from calming gentleness to sharp/HD effects. Choose a filter based on your mood, and it will be optimized for taking selfies. If you want to switch filters, click the ‘random’ button or swipe through the mobile phone. It will show you a glimpse of the image before you take it. So that you can see and envision what the result will be. The ‘vignette’ choice in the B612 App is also used to increase the picture’s border. It’s automatically calibrated to the filter you’ve picked.

b612-selfiegenic-camera filters

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera App Review

The best selfie-taker app of the year is said to be B612 for Android. It is unsurprising that it has a large number of filters relative to other applications. Each filter is fantastic and can effectively beautify a picture, which is a bonus. The user interface is also light and straightforward. It makes it easy to use the software. The UI also has a few movements that make it easier to use the app. Other helpful features include the ability to choose the ratio before taking photographs and the ability to take several photos and automatically place them in a template.


However, there are certain flaws in this app that need to be addressed. The quality of pictures taken with the app, for example, is bad. It still lacks a tutorial when you first run it to help users get the most out of its secret functionality.


  • There are many filters to choose from.
  • It has a friendly UI interface.
  • You can use many fresh and useful features.


  • Poor picture quality.
  • It takes a lot of room from the memory card.

Other drawbacks include the fact that it takes up a lot of memory on your computer, particularly with all of the filters and features packed into one app. As a result, if your phone’s memory is already complete, it will affect its output and slow it down. However, by switching the saving goal to your SD Card rather than your cell handset, you can be able to reduce memory usage. To wrap up this section, below are the benefits and drawbacks of using B612.


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