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An extensive and useful third-party app installer program is FlekStore or FlekSt0re. Created by FlekSt0re Inc., without having to jailbreak your iOS device, this software helps you to quickly install third-party applications and unauthorized content. FlekStore is known as the “jailbreak without jailbreak” app since to unlock applications not accessible on the App Store, there is no need to go in-depth about the encryption of your device.

FlekStore App Icon
FlekStore App Icon

How to FlekStore Download

You will run FlekStore on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch computers without a PC or Mac. Continue to install the app store using our step-by-step guide.

  1. In Safari, open a webpage for FlekStore PRO or FlekStore Free.
  2. Click the sharing button and pick the “Add to Home Screen” option.   Wait until the icon is loaded until it is added.
  3. Open and navigate to the Computer portion of your smartphone.
  4. Link your iPhone to the UDUD profile.flekstore
  5. Navigate to Configuration > General > System Control on your iPhone.
  6. Download a profile that is new.
  7. Provide a FlekStore App for your UDID.
  8. By purchasing the subscription, trigger the shop.

flekstore install

What is FlekStore?

FlekStore (FlekSt0re) is an iOS 13 prepaid 3rd-party App Store with games, tweaks, and jailbreak software available. Without the need to use a monitor, all iOS applications can be installed directly on your smartphone. The new edition of the FlekStore Pro service now provides the possibility of signing your own IPA files with a certificate from the developer.


The service is based on the circumvention of the rules of Apple relating to their distribution policies for the application. Apple may therefore withdraw applications ahead of schedule (1 year). In this case, if the revocation occurs prior to 180 days from purchase, the manufacturer would recover the apps for free. After 180 days, you will receive a discount for the activation of the next subscription.

FlekStore App Home Screen
FlekStore App Home Screen

Instagram Plus, YouTube Plus, Spotify Plus, MediaBox HD, and many others are packed with free apps and tweaks. FlekStoreapp Pro requires that you provide the UDID of the device and purchase a one-year subscription before you can install any app.

FlekStore Features

  • Flek Store has support for multiple platforms.
  • It offers free Android and iOS apps.
  • Jailbreak on iOS devices and root access on Android devices is not required for this to work.
  • It is a free third-party app store.
  • It’s the best Cydia alternative because in this third party app store, and then some, you get all of Cydia’s features.
FlekStore App Pro
FlekStore App Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

FlekStore, is that safe?

To use the AppStore, FlekStore for iOS is free and completely 100 % perfect available. Jailbreak doesn’t need it, it won’t spy on your operation. Without a detrimental influence on the iOS device, you should update the app. The AppStore provides legitimate links to tweaks and applications such as PPSSPP, iNDS, Moviebox, Happy Chick, GBA4iOS, and more that are not included in the AppStore. It is legal to use the software, but it also features cracked apps.

Can I download iOS games that have been hacked?

Yes, FlekStore offers free access to the most popular games that are hacked. Be mindful that it is illegal for hacked games to be downloaded. For the time being, only about 20 game modifications are available. Try a different AppStore if a hack isn’t available.

For Android, is FlekStore available?

For Android devices, FlekStore isn’t open. If you see a website that offers an Android AppStore, it’s bogus. FlekStore was built for iOS only and runs only on compatible devices on this platform. It does not support Android devices.

FlekStore App

Why doesn’t FlekStore operate?

Like all other shops, FlekStore uses a license from a developer to run IPAs on your iPhone. Apple monitors such licenses and they are also withdrawn. This suggests that you can’t install applications until a new certificate is issued by the developer.

How can FlekStore be fixed?

If you don’t install FlekStore, or if it fails when you attempt to open the program, it is presumably linked to the certificate that Apple revoked. You can try to reinstall the AppStore or try to add a proxy that allows you to run iOS applications that have been revoked.

Open the FlekStore app type app drawer now and after now you can download unlimited free applications that are still the right app for your Android smartphone.


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