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FtiOS is a third-party app store that functions like the Cydia App for iOS users. You can download the FtiOS app straight from your iOS device, so you don’t have to jailbreak your device.

FtIos App Icon
FtIos App Icon

What Is FtiOS

FtiOS is a software store that allows users to download several (paid and free) utility applications, such as jailbreak tools, plus apps, sports, game hackers, older app models, cracked apps, etc., and without any device or laptop.

A free software to download is the FtiOS App Store App for iOS users. There is a FtiOS VIP premium edition that is also available. For FtiOS VIP, with better customer service, you can get a bigger app store. FtiOS VIP helps you to play numerous apps and games without revoking them, and you can even get apps on request.

ftios vip

Often you will notice that the FtiOS does not function or that the icon is grey since the certificate has been withdrawn by Apple and will only be active after 48 hours. You are not going to face this issue with the VIP edition.

FtiOS has several extra functionalities, such as testing firmware sign status for multiple devices and installing ios beta apps and the iPadOS beta edition without iTunes, in addition to downloading the above apps. To guarantee that your system does not install the new version of iOS firmware, FtiOS has an iOS Upgrade Block Configuration Profile.

For the FtiOS app, the uploading process is so quick. All you need to do is import the configuration profile to your iOS computer and install it.

Ftios App
Ftios App

FtiOS Software Download and Install

  • On your iOS computer, open the Safari Browser.
  • Now, find the Install Options for the FtiOS App and press the same button.
  • You will be asked to install the Configuration Profile. It just makes the same thing.
  • The FtiOS App will be on your iOS device’s home screen after successfully downloading the profile.

ftios install

Using the FtiOS appliance

  1. Enable your App
  2. Your favorite language is picked
  3. Click on the Proceed button in the next pane.
  4. The FtiOS software will be available for use now.

You will need to connect to it on numerous social media networks to download the FtiOS software, and if you notice a newer version is available, just replace the older one with the current one. A choice for auto-updating is not present.


Features Of FtiOS App

  • Easy to install and to use.
  • It has a lot of personalized themes.
  • On the iPad, good results. It helps the split-screen to scroll very seamlessly on both sides.
  • Wide variety of software, free applications, tweaks, programs for 3rd parties, etc.
  • FtiOS provides access to all social media networks, making it easier to keep the latest news and software alerts posted.
  • Cracked applications can be downloaded without jailbreak.
  • Best spot for jailbreaking computers such as h3lix, PanGU, unc0ver, PhoenixPwn, etc.
  • It’s very safe and legal to use FtiOS. You don’t need to use your jailbreak or Apple ID to keep your credentials secure. The software is, secondly, safe to use.

Uninstall the FiOS software or Delete it

  1. At any point, you need to take the steps below if you want to disable or uninstall the app.
  2. Go to the setup and then to the general settings.
  3. Go to the Monitoring of Profiles and Computers Ftios
  4. The list of all the active profiles on the device is now available. Only find the FtiOS app and click on it.
  5. The uninstall alternative will be found. To delete, press.


Finally, I believe that this post is all about “Download ftOS For iOS,” “Install ftOS on iPhone, iPad,” which is also a better part of this software without jailbreaking iDevices. What are you waiting for, open the app, and begin free downloading and installation of premium applications for trail purposes?

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