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Description For The iCloud Windows

Apple is known only to its customers for keeping most of its items exclusive. It allows them to offer optimal support and to ensure that apps provide unparalleled service. That said, keeping most of its ‘Apple-exclusive’ products is becoming a double-edged sword, especially for those who use their devices along with their competitors’ gadgets. Thankfully the tech firm is starting to extend its offerings to more people. The cloud storage service, iCloud, contains this.

iCloud For Windows
iCloud For Windows


OS: Windows,

Languages: English, Dutch, French, Danish, Polish, Chinese, Greek Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, German, Czech, Portuguese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

License: Free

Developer: Apple

The Best Solution For Cloud Storage On Apple Devices But Not On Windows

If you’re used to the sleek gun that iCloud has for Mac and iOS, you can need to change somewhat on its Windows client
Once Microsoft revealed that the iCloud would have a Windows-friendly version available on Microsoft Store, it wasn’t long ago. Apple phone and tablet users who are on the desktop and PC will now use Apple’s built-in program to sync their files across all their devices. While this can usually be seen as positive news, don’t just rejoice before you try it for yourself.

A Collaboration With Windows

Apple has agreed this time around to partner with Microsoft to streamline the efficiency of the iCloud for Windows. The software is only available for Windows 10 version so you need to make sure your operating system is up-to-date before running the application on your Laptop.

Use the same technologies as OneDrive, iCloud Windows users can be more efficient even though they don’t have internet connections. Open up some room on your computer and access files from File Explorer to your iCloud Drive. Pick which file or folder to hold on your computer and which one to store in the cloud.

If you’re used to the sleek gun that iCloud has for Mac and iOS, you may need to change a little on your Windows system. While the former also has parts for apps such as iCalendar, you won’t find it in the latter edition. The platform also fails to identify other types of files, including documents from Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, both leading tech firms are yet to come up with a way to turn these files into an editable format. Needless to say, on the Mac and iOS clients, you can not just drag and drop files just as easily as you can.

If all of these were not too frustrating, you can not easily trigger iCloud on your PC if you haven’t registered and used it on your iOS or macOS computer. Yes, even though you’re prepared to pay for the service. The same is true for the site as it will ask you to type your AppleID rather than an iCloudiD. That being said, if you are really searching for a cloud storage service app that not only helps you to keep your files synchronized across devices and interact with others, you need to find other choices.

Where Can You Run This Program?

Like all Apple programs, Apple devices have iCloud integration. This means you don’t need to download the application to your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, or Apple TV. Windows users who own mobile Apple devices need to download their Windows-friendly version, however. As on other computers, it operates in the background. If you don’t want the mobile application to be set up, you can also access your files by logging in via the Web app.

Is There A Better Alternative?

If you think that iCloud isn’t for you, you can choose from a lot of cloud-storage service providers.

Google Drive is one of the storage solutions that is easiest and most efficient. In contrast to Apple’s Google offers its services to all device users. It is great for file sharing and cloud collaboration. This can be used in combination with other tech giant products such as Google Papers, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Easily view photos and play videos or link to Pixlr Editor to easily retouch a couple of images. Get up to 15 GB of no cost storage while their paid plans provide you with top-notch service at a low price.

OneDrive is the solution to Microsoft’s storage needs. It’s built into Windows 10 so you don’t have to download any application anymore. Use the Microsoft Photos App to sync photos across all devices. On Autodesk AutoCAD, you can also use OneDrive and rest assured that your work is properly backed up. Get 5 GB of free storage or sign up to get a bigger storage space for your paid plans.

Our Take

iCloud works perfectly on all of Apple’s devices. You don’t have to worry about losing your files because in the background it does all the dirty work. The sleek style on Mac, iPhone, and iPad offer you a more appealing and simpler way to back up your pictures and documents. Unfortunately, this doesn’t translate well on Windows, however.

Should You Download It?

No. Even if you’re using an Apple handheld device and don’t have a Mac or MacBook it’s still not a great way to access your phone or tablet files. All the more so if you don’t own devices like this. It would be safer to opt for a different cloud storage service provider which has a stronger Windows operating system interface

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