How to Install and Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 22.1

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Magisk Manager is very familiar to us these days, particularly to those who are familiar with the term Rooting. The closest solution to the Chainfires SuperSu is Magisk Manager. Since it is popular, many of us are still using SuperSu binary to root Android devices, and everyone recommended this method only for the rooting device. However, on Android marshmallow and later, Google added a few security features.

Magisk Manager

It interferes with the Rooting mechanism, and certain safeguards prohibit the Superuser daemon from performing its duties. As a result, Chainfire created the Systemless root method for Android. Probably, you’re thinking, “What is the method with the least rooting?” This approach entails rooting the Android without modifying the system partitions, hence the term “Systemless root.”

Many other developers in this competition use the same procedure for rooting Android is one of the people who helped to make the system less dependent on the Xposed structure. It then contributes to the development of Magisk, also known as Magic Mask.

Magisk Manager LOGO

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is an Android software for managing Systemless Modules and Root Privileges. The app’s creator is a senior member of the XDA forums. Why is it so common these days? Since so many modules for this Magisk Manager software that will help you pass the Google Safetynet search are being developed on a daily basis.

Any Play Store applications no longer enable users to run them on rooted devices. After passing Google’s SafetyNet API, certain apps obey the Safetynet search and invite users. You might run into this problem when using banking apps, Pokemon Go, or Netflix.

If you have a rooted smartphone, you’ll need the Magisk Manager software to run these types of apps. By allowing magisk to hide on the app, you’ll be able to run any app you like that isn’t compatible with rooted devices.

Version Info

NameMagisk Manager
Size2 MB
Android Version requires4.2+
Last UpdatedMarch 09, 2021

How to Download Magisk Manager Latest Version

Step 1: Click the link below to download the Magisk Manager software. Unfortunately, this software was banned from the PlayStore due to a violation of Google’s community guidelines.


Step 2: I’m sure you haven’t yet allowed “Unknown Sources” in your device preferences.

Step 3: Run the Magisk Manager APK that you downloaded from the link above. Then a message appears stating that you must allow Unknown Sources. Select the options by tapping on them.

Magisk Manager

Step 4: Toggle the Unknown Sources option by scrolling down.

Step 5: Go over the steps again and again. Install the Magisk Manager app on your computer.

Step 6: Finishing the installation and launching the Manager can take less than a minute.

install magisk manager

Step 7: If you’ve already rooted your smartphone with SuperSu, use the management software to mask the root and other settings. Alternatively, if you want to root using the Magisk Su binary, take the steps below.

How to Root Android with Magisk Su?

Note: There’s a risk your phone could get caught in a boot loop or something else after installation. As a result, I suggest that you download both the Uninstaller flashable zip file and the one below.

Step 1: Get the new Magisk v22 APK from the source below.


Step 2: Before continuing, make sure you have Custom Recovery installed on your computer. Enter Custom recovery mode on your computer (I am Using TWRP).

Step 3: On the TWRP Home screen, press the Install button and select the file from the directory where you saved it.

Magisk Manager

Step 4: Finally, tap the Install button. That is what there is to it.

Step 5: Reboot your Android computer and check the Magisk Manager to see whether you have root access or not.

install magisk root on android

If all seems to be in order, I recommend learning how to import available modules from the repo. To learn more, follow the steps shown below.

How to Download and Install Modules

Step 1: Drag the menu from left to right in the Magisk Manager app.

Step 2: The download portion is visible. Click on it and use the library to find the module you’re looking for.

download magisk modules

Step 3: After selecting the module, tap on the Download Icon, as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 4: A pop-up window appears, prompting you to download or update the module. Here are two methods for getting it into your Android computer.

  • Click the Download button if you want to install the module manually [that is, by flashing it from the TWRP custom recovery]. Storage can be saved by the module.
  • If you want the magisk manager software to install it for you automatically, press the Build button.

flash magisk module via magisk manager

Step 5: The module will be immediately downloaded and flashed on the magisk manager app, followed by a reboot of the system to unlock it.

How to Use Magisk Hide

Step 1: Press the menu icon in the top left corner of the magisk manager app to open it.

Step 2: You should now be able to see the Settings choice.

set magisk hide

Step 3: Select Settings and scroll down to the Magisk Hide option. Toggle it on and off. Open a menu once more, and this time choose the Magisk Hide option.

Step 4: By selecting that option, you would be able to disable root access for that app.

hide root for android app with magisk hide

How to Uninstall MagiskSu Completely

Step 1: Open the Magisk Manager window, and at the bottom of the home screen, you’ll see an uninstall icon.

If you want to remove the phone’s root? If this is the case, press the Uninstall tab.

You will be asked as like the below screenshot.

uninstall magisk root completely

Step 2: Really want to keep going? Simply press the Complete Uninstall button to delete the Su binary as well as all the modules you’ve loaded.


1. Hide root access from an app that doesn’t need it.

2.There are more opportunities to get past SafetyNet, as well as many secret security controls.

3.Netflix, Android Pay, Pokemon Go, and banking apps are also available to use.

4.There are a plethora of systemless modules available right now.


1.Just works with Android 4.2 or higher. The majority of people nowadays use Android 5.0 or higher phones, with just a handful (literally zero) using Gingerbread smartphones. I don’t believe it is a major issue.

2.Only Gzip compressed boot is supported by Magisk.lz4 compression isn’t applied to this image.


In terms of a Safetynet scan, Magic Mask is the best solution to Chainfire’s Supersu. The main benefit is that you can run programs that aren’t compatible with rooted computers, such as Google Safetynet.


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