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Rooftop Run is the ultimate parkour freestyle running experience you can have on your phone

Run, jump, roll, and slide in order to travel from one point to another in an urban environment in the quickest and most exciting way.

Feel the thrill of epic jumps, fast slides, and breaking glass to jump from one building edge to another and choose your best path in the first-person perspective to reach the finish line.

Parkour is a type of sport that aims to overcome obstacles by moving, running, jumping, and climbing from one point to another in an urban environment.

-Beautiful 3D graphics
-Comfortable controls
-Top-notch designed levels
-Ongoing updates to deliver new features and content
-Run and do amazing parkour tricks with Rooftop Run
-Move the character to the jump/dash.
-Avoid various obstacles and head to the goal point.
-Free game
-Easy to use, hard to master
-Various levels



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