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Telegram is an online messaging service that functions just like the popular WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messaging apps. This means that when linked to Wi-Fi, or your mobile phone, you can use it to send messages to your friends. Telegram is cloud-based and promises to make protection and speed a priority, making it a strong alternative to other common messaging apps. The company launched in 2013, exceeding 200 million active monthly users since.

Telegram App ICON
Telegram App ICON


OS: Windows 8, Android, Mac, ios


Downloads: 965+ k


LATEST UPDATE: Jul 22, 2020

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free instant messaging software and a forum for content sharing with an emphasis on speed and mass communication. When linked to Wi-Fi or your mobile phone, you can use this to send messages to your friends, individually or in very large groups. You can also build and follow Channels that transmit to an infinite number of subscriber’s mass messages.

What is Telegram used for?

Telegram is an online messaging app that works similarly to the popular WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messaging apps. To exchange text messages, voice messages, multimedia files, stickers, and GIFS, you can either individually post your contacts or build groups of up to 200,000 contacts. You can also render encrypted voice calls end to end.

Telegram is also a service provider, however; users can set up their own or connect to the Channels of others to send and receive public multimedia messages. Broadcasts can reach an unlimited number of subscribers through Channels, and only administrators have the right to post. For every new post, channel subscribers are sent a notification to their mobile.

Telegram has been commonly used as an alternative to WhatsApp as an encrypted messaging device because of its perceived higher levels of privacy. The platform has end-to-end encryption (though this is not implemented by default) and distributed messaging based on the cloud. Developers also say that they do not sell or exchange user data with third parties, so there is no advertisement in the app

Telegram App Home Screen
Telegram App Home Screen

Users of cellphones can also set up secure Secret Chats with messages that can ‘self-destruct’ (i.e.. disappear after a set amount of time), giving you a new level of privacy. All users can also set up their Telegram account to automatically delete themselves and all related users if they do not log in at least once during a given period of time (users can configure this in the Privacy settings).

Telegram is available as a mobile and desktop program, allowing you to synchronize your networks and communications across devices. Telegram has reliable, dedicated applications for all platforms including Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, and Mac OSX. If you don’t want to download it, it even has a web client.

How does Telegram work?

Downloading and installing Telegram with Windows Installer is straightforward. Upon the initial launch, you will need to register by following the directions with your phone number. When you already have the software installed and set up on your desktop, the application on your desktop can be used to perform a simple login by scanning a QR code on your computer screen.

Knowing where to start with Telegram can be frustrating and new users will need to read online guides and articles to get the most out of the rich features of the app. Nonetheless, most users would mainly want to use Telegram for two things-one-on-chat and group chat.

More than a messaging app

What sets Telegram apart from other instant messaging apps is its Channels, a type of one-way messaging where administrators are able to transmit messages to an infinite number of subscribers. Telegram networks can be accessed privately or publicly. Admins should create an alias and a permanent URL so any user can find the channel and enter it.

Any user of Telegram can build a Channel. Most people create channels that revolve around certain areas of interest or subjects they want their followers to report on. Increasing numbers of public and government bodies are sharing their content through Channels-these official accounts will give their Channels a verification symbol.

Although Channels are a great way to both receive and exchange information, it can be tricky to find channels to follow for first-time Telegram users.

No limit on the size of groups chats and broadcasts
No limit on the size of groups chats and broadcasts

There are three ways to locate a public channel on Telegram; by searching for keywords using the global search feature inside the app, getting a link to the channel in a forwarded message from another user and following the channel in that way, or by online lists of channel directories on websites that provide.

Simply select New Channel under the Hamburger menu to set up a Channel yourself. You will need to give a name to your channel, create an (optional) URL, and request contacts to follow your channel. You can then start transmitting messages the same way you transmit a message in a private conversation.

Messaging and content in one app

Telegram is definitely unique in incorporating an instant messenger app and a content-sharing site. Most users appreciate the fact that Telegram puts a strong focus on protection and does not share data even though they should be aware that the privacy features of Telegram are not insecure.

Telegram also provides a variety of fun, ever-developing features that allow users to find and grip on. Which include bots as well as educational tools for making quizzes. Such additional functions, however, can be hard to find out:

  • Browse a catalog of more than 20,000 professional artists made stickers.
  • Fresh emoji support added (Emoji 12.1).
  • When you have too many messages, organize messages into Chat Folders.
  •  Build custom folders with customizable settings or use suggestions on default.
  • Pin infinite chat counts in every tab.
  •  Bug fixes and minor upgrades.






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