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Topstore –  An Active 3rd party app store for iPhones, iPads. Topstore app is the simplest way to get tweaked apps on iOS 13. It is FREE!

This is easy enough to do the TopStore configuration profile will be downloaded directly onto your iPhone or iPad. Look no further if you are searching for a great source of free apps and games. The TopStore app store has now been launched with full iPad support, offering you plenty of free third-party applications, games, and tweaks.

Topstore Logo
Topstore Logo

How to Download TopStore App

It is very straightforward to install TopStore. All you need is your iPhone or iPad and a strong internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi. You don’t need any special permissions, and you don’t need to jailbreak. And all you do is install on your device the app configuration profile. This is how:

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari browser and go to the TopStore download website.

2. Download the profile to your device; tap Install on the pop-up message

3. Wait now the installation is over when the TopStore icon is on your home screen.

4. Open your iOS Settings app before you use the app store,

5. Go to General and then to Management of Profiles and Devices

6. Tap on the TopStore profile and tap on the Trust button.

7. Close Configuration; TopStore is ready for use now.

Topstore install
Topstore install

How to Use TopStore App

This is as simple and clear as using the official app store

  • Using the icon on your home page, open TopStore
  • Tap on one of the app categories for details, see below.
  • Look for an app or game you want, browse through the search bar, or use it.
  • Tap it, tap the Install button and wait for it to be installed and the home page icon to appear. Enjoy your app or game.

Be aware that as the app or game is unofficial, when you try to use it for the first time, you will get an Untrusted Developer error.

TopStore App Features

TopStore is full of cool features; it is not only free to download, it does not require a jailbreak and is a secure app; all the content has been categorized into categories:

iOS Apps – Apps for iOS-loads of official iOS apps and games

Exclusive Apps – Not included in the official store, unofficial software, sports, movie streaming tools, emulators, screen recorders, and more

Top iOS Games – Changed some of the finest iOS games with cool new features

Modified Apps – Modified applications with additional capabilities and more features


Popular Errors and Solutions in the TopStore:

TopStore can be secure software, but there are a few basic mistakes that can be corrected easily

White or Blank Screen

1. A typical mistake and very quick to resolve:

2. Open iOS Configuration>Safari

3. Tap Clear Data for Website

4. Try TopStore again and it is important to clear the screen

TopStore Keeps Crashing

It is unofficial to TopStore. The App Certificate would then be removed by Apple, allowing the app to fail. TopStore uses outdated app licenses, and they can’t necessarily do so until Apple steps in as they strive to stay on top of replacing them. By downloading a suggested VPN or an anti-revoke app, consider waiting 24 to 48 hours to see if the app certificate is replaced to save it from happening in the first place.

How to Fix SSL Errors

When downloading TopStore, SSL errors are popular but are easy to resolve:

Method 1

1. Close down Safari, make sure you first shut down each person tab

2. Next on your mobile, close any program that you open.

3. Now before installing TopStore again, leaving your computer for a few minutes and you should see that it works.

Try this, if that doesn’t fix it,

Method 2 

1. Close Safari to make sure that all tabs are shut down again

2. Shut down your applications and turn off your computer.

3. Leave it for a few minutes and turn it back on

4. Try again to download TopStore, and it should work properly.

How to Delete TopStore

It’s just as quick to uninstall TopStore and start anew with some mistakes. Or with TopStore, you can find you can’t get on with it and want to delete it from your computer. This is easy to do Just uninstall the profile of the app:

  • Open Setup and go to General
  • Go to System Configuration and Profiles
  • Find and tap the Top Store profile, and then tap the Delete Profile function.
  • Close Setup and TopStore will be removed from your system.

Topstore uns blog

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a free App?

Downloading and using TopStore is free and provides lots of fun features. If you want more, then you can pay to switch to a more secure VIP edition that provides more content selection.

2. How’s TopStore Safe?

Stable 100 %. Your iPhone or iPad is not vulnerable to external threats without any jailbreak necessary. Plus, both the developers and we have checked the software entirely to ensure that it is safe for you to use. Regular updates keep it safe, and you can use TopStore with full peace of mind that your files, computer, and privacy are protected with the addition of SSL encryption.

3. What is TopStore?

It is an unofficial iOS app store that provides easy access from the official store to apps, games, emulators, and more that you can’t get.

4. Will my warranty be voided?

Hey, no. In addition to being perfectly legal to use, you do not need to install a TopStore jailbreak, which means that you do not hack into the security of Apple and do not compromise any measures that Apple has in place. Simply delete TopStore and reinstall it later if you are unsure and need to return your device to a store for repair.

5. On Android, can I use it?

No, it is only an iOS app store, and there are no plans to release it for Android devices at present.

Finally, TopStore is one of the most recent systematic installers of iOS apps; don’t miss all the fun; download it today and enjoy all your favorite apps, games, and more.

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