TubeMate Latest Version 3.3.5 APK For Android Free Download 2020

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When you do not watch videos on YouTube, it’s still boring because there is no data link, right? But you can also meet your entertainment needs by installing the videos first using the new edition of TubeMate 3.3.5 (1241) APK 2020. So you can stream the videos from YouTube to your Android computer with this YouTube downloader so you can enjoy it later. Besides that, you can also encrypt audio from the videos using the same app to generate an MP3. This is certainly an excellent app, especially if you want to have some local copies of the videos without actually having to think about connecting to any data network.

TubeMate ICON
TubeMate ICON

TubeMate File Information

Last updated: August 22, 2020
Developer: Devian Studio
Version: 3.3.5 (1241)
Requirement: Varies with device
File size: 7.3 MB
Uploaded: August 22, 2020 at 11:17AM GMT+07
MD5: 1115ea559b7081fef0de44b2cd734f09

SHA1:  85b0e3811972715421b52231b15f924ffd52cbfe

TubeMate APK

TubeMate app review

The Tubemate Youtube Downloader directly saves videos from YouTube on your computer, unlike other related software. And with a close interface to the original YouTube, it’s most definitely valid you’ll find this software easy to use. Even so, the GUI would give you an opportunity to import it, while you go to watch any video you want. Using this fun downloaded YouTube video, fast, quick, and familiar, will never cause you any fuss!

The installation will take a somewhat different route until the APK file is downloaded, as will be discussed later.

It’s accurate that the software is a pretty fine product, though. It lets you have endless fun when viewing your favorite YouTube videos, even though you are not connected to any internet connection. There are, however, some disadvantages that this recorded video still bears.


This app is the only Android operating system app that directly installs YouTube videos onto your smartphone.

You can also search the videos quickly using a GUI similar to YouTube, much as when you do it with the official YouTube program.

For you to stream the videos quicker, there are numerous connections available.

You are given the opportunity to pause and restart downloading from anywhere.

Image resolution choices are different from what you can pick. It not only supports 240p and 360p but also the 1080p high-definition, together with another software called the MP3 Multimedia Converter.

You can also import from other sites, such as Dailymotion and Vimeo, but it is best popular for being an app that helps people to stream videos from YouTube.

There is a special section where you can store and save all the downloaded images.


Even then, it’s not possible to import all the images, which is frustrating enough, for sure.

You can only download high-definition videos with assistance, as we have suggested above, as an MP3 media converter is also required to complete this mission.

Many people, sadly, worry about how this software frequently crashes, which means that this software is very unreliable.

It’s best for you whenever you’re on a different network whenever uploading videos (Wi-Fi is more preferred) since it’s really challenging for people to share while they’re on the 2 G network.

How to Install Tubemate App for Android

The measures to mount Tubemate on your Android device are presented here.

Ensure the APK has been downloaded already.
On your computer, navigate to the Configuration menu, then open the Protection tab. Find the alternative on Undisclosed Sources.
Right next to the Unknown Sources option, there’s a button; toggle it and it’ll light up. By flipping the button on, this ensures you can run on your Android device any applications that are downloaded from outside of the Play Store.

Go to the spot where the APK that you have downloaded is kept. Alternatively, from the File menu, directly open it. To run the configuration, tap on the file.

Agree with the permissions needed by the program, and then install the APK package.
Wait until the update is over, then you can stream movies and TV shows right from your Android smartphone online!

How to Use Tubemate app

In reality, there is an explanation of why the Tubemate app has a similar design to the official mobile YouTube app. It’s because the Android smartphone software downloaded from this video accesses YouTube as an overlay. And when you pick a digital file, you will be offered two options: viewing or uploading a file. And if you want to update this app here, simply click on the green arrow at the bottom of your screen. You can then see a pop-up that provides the following two options: Download and Watch.

While it allows you to download videos in any condition, it does depend on the source of the file. Besides that, there are multiple viewing options that are close to what is offered to you when you download any file. All of the videos downloaded with this software are stored in MP4 format and can be found in the Videos folder by default.

You can use Tubemate to import MP3 from the videos too. Notice that, depending on the original video quality itself, the audio content is most definitely different. Even then, while it’s still listenable, the audio level downloaded from this app could be poorer than expected. MP3 files saved using this software are stored in your device’s MP3 folder.

In general, saving and uploading videos from YouTube using this software is still quick and fast. Video quality alternatives are readily available, so you can freely pick the one you would like to have on your computer, even one of high quality. And while the audio level is something like the streaming samples, if you just want to sample the audio file, this will suffice.


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