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WhatsApp is an excellent choice if you’ve been searching for a smart alternative to the existing messaging and calling features on your phone. This free, multi-function app has become one of the world’s most common messaging platforms with many elegant features and a simple interface.

WhatsApp Icon
WhatsApp Icon


OS: Android,Windows,Mac,iOS

Languages: English, Japanese, DanishDutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, ChineseGerman, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Czech, Korean, etc.

License: Free

Developer: WhatsApp Inc.

Keep the conversation going freely, for free!

Facebook messages, community calls, voice & video? — A Messaging all-in-one feature!

WhatsApp was seeing a tremendous increase in growth due to its insistence on simplicity. The software has added many apps over the last couple of years including video and voice calls. It’s maintained the lightweight footprint at the same time.

The chat window simply focuses on the conversation and allows you to easily transfer files, emoticons, locations, and contacts. Low-powered mobile usability, as well as Android Go devices, have allowed the platform to draw millions of users from all over the world.

whatsApp Home Screen
whatsApp Home Screen

WhatsApp serves the same function at first sight as its rivals, such as Viber, Skype, and Telegram. What makes the app special, however, is the abundance of advanced features, such as the search function for fast conversation searching, the ability to scan star messages, later on, seamless community chat integration, and, of course, fast-to-use GUI.

In addition, WhatsApp incorporates visual messaging to make conversations more enjoyable and interesting. Interactive stickers add to the already available long list of emojis in the game. Although up until a few months ago Viber had the advantage of stickers, it no longer does. WhatsApp has had the game stepped up!

Seamless cross-platform calling and chatting

Whatsapp has a big benefit when opposed to the common iMessage. Being an agnostic platform it can be used on any computer or operating system. Like other messaging apps, you should go beyond all conversations.

WhatsApp has built-in maps that allow you to share location with friends and family. Documents and contacts can also be exchanged right in the conversation frame. There are tons of ways to customize. You can set warnings, wallpapers, and even broadcast your status on your custom notification. The camera can also be used to shoot videos and images from inside the app.

Messages quickly with Voice Messages
Messages quickly with Voice Messages

WhatsApp ‘s basic GUI, like iMessage and Viber, show chats with a timestamp in text bubbles. This even notifies you when a receiver has been reading the file. Since the app will automatically classify individuals in your contact list, you don’t need to manually add anyone.

You can also create groups of friends and family members so you can connect in a single window with up to 256 users. WhatsApp helps you to post Instagram-like videos, which remain available 24 hours a day. Publishing live feed from anywhere, anytime is an interactive way.

Send photos and videos instantly with whatsApp
Send photos and videos instantly with whatsApp

The Search feature makes it much easier to browse through conversations. You can search by user name, keyword, telephone, or community number. In reality, in a given conversation window you can also check for keywords. WhatsApp allows you to back up conversations and data to a Google account, or the memory of your computer, so you can quickly delete old messages.

Secured messaging for data privacy

If you’re looking for an end-to-end encrypted messaging device, Telegram could be a good option. Lately, the poor image of Facebook has reduced confidence in WhatsApp. That said, WhatsApp also comes with a range of features which are of great importance.

The security features on the app actually persuaded Facebook to convert WhatsApp into a complete payment system that allows you to send or receive money inside the app. It is something you can not find in any other messaging program.

Share your location or nearby places
Share your location or nearby places

WhatsApp secures all messages which pass through the platform using end-to-end encryption. Although the app does not store personal information, privacy settings can provide another layer of security. Two-factor authentication is simple to set up and lets you type in a second passcode for better security.

WhatsApp will also be integrated with the fingerprint sensor of the user soon to ensure you are the only one with permission to access it. Currently, no other market-based messaging device incorporates additional security with the fingerprint sensor.

Take the experience beyond mobile

WhatsApp does have a web edition called WhatsApp Internet, unlike Viber and Telegram. It operates with standard browsers running Windows or Mac but comes with minimal functionality. The good news is that all you do on the mobile edition synchronizes with the smartphone app. Although the web version does not allow voice or video calls, staying connected while working on your laptop is still a good way to do so.

Where can you run this program?

WhatsApp is available on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry, with over 800 million users worldwide.

Is there a better alternative?

Although some people do not want to be part of Facebook’s ecosystem, others more trust platforms such as Viber and Telegram. If you think it would be nice to try out a few alternatives before making the final choice, here’s a quick detail about them.


Viber uses contact numbers to classify registered users, as does WhatsApp. You can make free calls using Viber, and submit messages, videos, and pictures. Although WhatsApp has begun to offer the ability to use stickers, Viber has been doing that for some time. You can choose from a huge array of funny talk stickers.


Although Skype has always been popular for video calls, you can now send files, images, and messages via the updated design. Unlike WhatsApp, both mobile and desktop versions provide all of its features. The fact that spammers can send messages is one downside to using Skype instead of WhatsApp and you can only block them until they do.



Telegram’s cloud-based platform lets you send messages faster than WhatsApp. It is a big benefit for people who are trying to send massive files. As it is open-source, in a conversation of up to 200,000 users you can send media and text messages. With end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that your communications are secure

WhatsApp Download Now

Sure, it sure does! WhatsApp incorporates end-to-end encryption, ease of use, cross-platform connectivity, international calling anywhere on the internet, and wide global reach to provide you with a power-packed messaging app.





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