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YouTube Kids- YouTube Kids is intended to give kids a better alternative to YouTube, where even Restricted Mode will let parents and caretakers not want kids to see through violent videos and other stuff. This contains videos that tend to be created for children, frequently featuring famous cartoon characters, but loaded with inappropriate content. After a 2017 controversy called “Elsagate,” YouTube began paying more attention to them, but they still regularly appear in the recommendations automatically created by the app.

YouTube Kids App Logo
YouTube Kids App Logo

App Store description:

The toddler-oriented software was released by Google-owned YouTube in 2015. It described it as a “safer” environment for discovering “Peppa Pig” episodes or viewing user-generated videos of people unboxing toys, playing their favorite cartoon characters, or showing children how to dance, than the standard YouTube video-sharing site. According to Google, “Videos available in the app are determined by a combination of algorithmic filtering, user input, and human review.” With >70 billion video views since its launch, it has been a massive success.

Company website: This was written as part of a settlement with the FTC to create a website that parents could track more closely.

Category: Entertainment

App Store rating: 4+ (according to the Apple App Store, “Made for ages 0-5”).

What is YouTube Kids?

That’s according to a recent study from Apptopia, an analytics firm, and Braze, a customer engagement network. The pair monitored download, use, and benefits data for months for 35 popular streaming sites and content networks, and discovered that people around the world spent more time on the YouTube Kids app than any other site or network in the first three months of 2020.

The main YouTube app is usually an unsafe area for children, even though it is packed with common children’s channels and instructional content. In an attempt to deter predatory activity, YouTube blocked video comments last year and even reached $170 million with the Federal Trade Commission for violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA), bringing stricter guidelines for children’s video into effect, but developers said the rules were vague and resulting in missed sales.

YouTube Kids App

Videos on YouTube Kids, though, are still filtered by algorithms, which ensures that objectionable content will still appear on the app. But although it’s not ideal, YouTube Kids also has more features that can help caretakers stop children from watching inappropriate content, including one that helps them to whitelist specific videos or channels.

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What do parents need to know about children on YouTube?

It has a rather tarnished past. Only do a Google search for “YouTube Kids news” or “YouTube Kids suicide” and you’ll find an infinite stream of stories depicting terrible videos sliding through the machine learning controls (sexualized cartoon characters, abuse, self-harm).

How to Set up The YouTube Kids parental controls:

On your mobile, download the app.

To create a parent profile, click the profile image on the upper left.

Enter Your Year of Birth (the app will confirm).

Choose your Gmail address, read the terms and conditions, type your email, and sign up.

Build a profile for a child by entering its first name and age (a birth month is optional).

For each boy, choose Content Settings. There are 4 choices: Nursery (0-4), Younger (5-7 years), Older (8-12 years), and “Approve your own content.”

YouTube Kids How To Set up See the photos below:

step1: The Older group includes links to Ted Talks, music videos (some of a mature nature), LGBTQ explanations, Ellen episodes, Saturday Night Live skits, etc., depending on our search. These subjects may be perfect for certain parents and they won’t want them for others. We just want parents to be careful.

YouTube Kids App

step 2: You will be shown this “success” message after you have finished choosing the correct content, enabling you to set a special, 4-digit passcode to enter parental controls. As many elementary kids will be able to do the basic math that comes as the regular passcode, please do this. The following picture shows you.

YouTube Kids App

step 3: After finishing the collection of content and changing the password, scroll down the settings to further restrict the experience, if that’s your wish. The search and search history can be monitored. Based on what they’re viewing, pausing the watch history will pause videos from being suggested.

YouTube Kids App

step 4: Simply tap the padlock in the lower right corner of the watch screen and type your passcode at any moment that you wish to change any of these settings.

step 4

step 5: If you want to adjust any of the parental controls you just set, tap the padlock

step 5

Are YouTube Kids is safe? 

Often, but if the title is YouTube, then we just trust it if we watch it with them or restrict the videos to a controlled collection that we have picked if we can’t closely watch them. This is Google! And, so far, their goods have a track record that is less-than-stellar.

We Recommend Jellies!

Jellies, which was developed by a smart dad who was tired of YouTube’s antics, is a non-YouTube Kids alternative with much better controls (every video is accepted by a real person). It’s free for 30 days and $4.99/month after that. We have no association with them. We just love what they do.

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